Monday, May 2, 2011

Maggie's Godmother

Tor is a gem.
Anytime I go out of town, Tori is the one and ONLY one who watches my baby maggie.
She is her Godmother and the best darn Godmother I've ever seen!
She loves maggie as her own and I always know that Maggie will be fine when she's in the hands of my best friend. Tor's a saint for doing it too, cause Maggs is a high maintenance little thing.
In December I was on a trip in California and Tori almost had to deliver my dogs puppies! (turned out Maggie had a false pregnancy) but Tori was ready to go and ready to do that for me, and my dog.
She really is an amazing best friend.
Good luck with the baby girl this week Tor, thanks a million for doing it, for the millionth time. Thanks to your parents too!!! xoxox. see you soon!