Saturday, March 19, 2011

Track Practice!

Just gettin a real good stretch in!

she's a champ!
This is my favorite trick!

basically it's time to meditate.
Coach, I'm ready for the race! Who needs BLOCKS when you could just lay on the ground!?

I could not capture her in the air for the life of me..
sayyy whaaaat?
yeah, are you kidding me? I wish I could do this! 

What a nicely defined rear end, it's quite lovely!
there's that BUM again! 

heyyy (: we're scratch and sniff and we're bestest fwieeeends!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


both sniff & i participated in this event yesterday.
sniff ran the mile, the 800, and the 4x4.
her mile was 6:03
her 800 was 2:47
and...we don't know our splits on the 4x4. But our team got first:)

I ran the 300m hurdles, and the 4x4.
I ran the hurdles in 54 seconds
and...i don't know my split either, obviously.

it was a good meet, and we're ready for the season:)

*here is a silly picture of us. i don't really know what we were doing, but i know it was on my birthday!:)
have a lovely day!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

bless her heart.


tiff is seriously just the cutest. sometimes I could just kiss her, she's that cute.
I wish that I was tiff cause she's seriously the coolest girl I've ever met.
why couldn't I be born as tiff? I just don't understand.
she makes me so frustrated sometimes, cause I'm overwhelmed by how neat she truly is.
oh well. I'll try not to be jealous. atleast.. not TOO jealous.
-Tori / Scratch.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

scratch IS a slacker.

dear sniff.
i'm indeed sorry for being such a slacker on our blog.
BUT i'm doing so good on mine :)
thanks for being my bestest friend in the whole wide effing world. (remember how we went through that stage where we looooved the word effin? hah)
i love love your hair. its muy bonita. 
f i f t e e n d a y s lady. its gonna be ok (:
we will parrrrrty like its the end of the world.
i love you, soo much!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sometimes we play dress ups with Cassie Burr (:
We love Cass! 
This was when I found out that Tori was coming to California with the cross country team last year! She wasn't going to be able to go, and then she surprised me. OH I WAS SO STOKED! (: 
She's honestly one of the ONLY people I want to talk to after my races. I get really grouchy after I race; haha, I'm sure many of you know that. I will talk to my coach, ANY of the girls on the team, and then TOR. If you're family, or friends, or anyone and you came to my race; that's super, thanks.. but no, I'm not going to laugh and smile and hug you; Tori knows exactly the mood I'm in after a race JUST by looking at me. She runs to me with water or gatorade, or my good luck bunny "Hawper." She's always shown me that she's one of my biggest fans, and I owe her the world for that. Thanks Tor.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

scratch is a slacker.

hey scratch, it's sniff.
I just wanted to let you now that you are a slacker at updating our blog.
that's it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our blogs!

Check out our individual blogs too, if you like this one. Get to know us on a more personal note, rather than just getting to know us as a whole! (:

Tori Ware

Tiffanie Allen


I've had the toughest day.
School is.. not my thing.
Track was... a disaster and I humiliated myself.
It was one of those days where no matter how hard you try; you just can't.

Until - tonight.
I went hot tubbing with Jared and Tyson.
We were chillin and talkin...
and then Jar went inside, and I was sittin on Tyson's lap and ...
I finally kissed him. FINALLY. I got butterflies in my stomach like pixie fairies. I didn't ever want it to end. So it didn't - for a couple minutes (: I just needed to write it down. Now I'm gonna go write about it in his letter. Tonight was ... well, a fairytale! (: (:
Tyson Erdmann; What am I gonna do with you!? You've made me fall harder than I ever have before in my entire life. Thank you for that. I've been spendin all my time just thinkin bout you, I don't know what to do, I think I'm fallin for you!

(: (: (: (: Life is good.

Now the countdown continues.
As of March 2nd - (now) = 22 days left.
New York, man... how jealous I am of you.
Love you all (:


i love you, tiff. 
everythings going to be ok.
we'll get through this ok :)
lots of icees & del & betos & mcdonalds
& ke$ha of course.
first, don't get too down on yourself- you can do anything. you're so strong and mentally tough.
nothing can stop you
second, he will always be there, he is just going on a two year vacation, thats all. 
third, i love you deeearly. & will always be here.
you're the best friend in this entire world.