Monday, February 20, 2012

we've chosen different paths.
we've found new friends.
we've hurt & betrayed each other more in the past year then in our sixteen years of friendship.
we've decided we don't need each other.

i just want you to know, that all our memories, adventures, laughs & cries...our sixteen years of history will never be forgotten. 

the lessons i've learned from you will always be apart of me.

& you, tiffanie michele allen will always have a place in my heart, as it has our entire lives.

i wish you the best; although i may disagree with your lifestyle, you're right. its your life, not mine. i'm sorry, i hurt you, betrayed you...i hope someday, we can love each other again. 

because i knew you, i have been changed for good. 

xoxo// scratch

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